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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Is this the best constructed, most amazing, educational film? NO. But what do you expect from a movie about Vampires taking over the south? Did you really think it was a biography?

Every critical review I read said it was terrible because it was two films in one. I disagree and think they obviously didn’t get it.

Was it a film to represent the zeitgeist of our age? …. Arguable. Was it a blast? Hell yes! Axe fights, training mantages, cool vamps, Rufus Sewell, and most importantly, they didn’t kill the black man.

No matter what the critics said, I DID learn something from this film. Do NOT frack with Mary Lincoln Todd. Ever. Just don’t. It won’t end well.

Oh, and if you thought Lincoln ended slavery because of some heartfelt philosophical desire, that’s so naive. It was to choke the vampiric food supply…duh.

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