The Mysterious Stranger Costume Tutorial Part 1


Perhaps you were as scarred by the Mysterious Stranger as I was.  Perhaps you are just a fan of creepy things or claymation.  Whatever the reason, you want this costume.  Well, guess what, no one makes it.  As ar as I know I’m the first person to build it and it took me about two and a half months.  Of constant experimentation.  But I’m willing to share, because i was surprised to find that the costume PLAYED.  people knew who and what it was.  So if you want to build and make the mysterious Stranger Costume, well, I’m here to teach you how!

I’m an award winning cos-player, a seamstress, and a crafter, so you’re in good hands!

I spent a long time, fast forwarding and slowing down the footage, freezing and enlarging to get these specs, so though there is claymation variation throughout (especially in close up shots) my list is pretty complete, though obviously you can make whatever alterations you’d like to the coloration, the complexity, etc.

List of costume pieces:

  • Shirt
  • Skirt
  • black face mask
  • throat piece
  • neck plate (front and back)
  • breast plate  (front and back)
  • shoulder guards
  • elbow guards
  • gauntlets
  • gloves
  • staff/masks
  • “A crap load of scales”

I’ll be posting tutorials for each piece in turn.  I will link them together with the “Stranger” and “Cos-play” categories that you can find on the scroll down menu on the right side of this blog toward the bottom of the sidebar.  You can follow along.

If you are on a budget, well, so am I.  This costume cost me about $400.  If I were you, I’d make one piece per week/month, or whatever.  Budget about 20-30$ per entry and you’ll do just fine!  I’ll take you step by step, give you locations to find goods, and tips to minimize waste.  Also a helpful amount of silly paint drawings that I hope are helpful and instructive!

Good Luck!

5 comments on “The Mysterious Stranger Costume Tutorial Part 1

  1. Since making the costume I’d also like it to be known that I’ve added a lot more scales to the skirt and also there are several masks of diferent faces that change out on the staff via a a magnet device I rigged. I’ll take more pictures on halloween when I wear thte thing and that way you can see it.

  2. You are one helluva talented costumer, Kristina! That costume is gorgeous.

  3. I would definably buy this costume if it were for sale.

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