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Funniest Trivial Pursuit Riff Ever

At our local pub, we play a modified version of TP (if u answer a question right, you ask next question, no points). This is how it went:

Q: “What did god create in the first sentence of the bible?”

(debate and shouted answers, but no one got it right)

A: Heaven and Earth

(joking and laughing)

Q: “Where do trees get %98 of their nutrients”

(shouted answer) “the hose!”

“yes because there were no trees before there were people!”

“thats what God creates on the second day!”

“And god said unto Adam: “water the plants!””

“And God did see the hoes and said that they were GOOD!!”

Omg when a Russian stranger, two biologists, and a bunch of 60+ patrons get a bit tossed, funny shit happens.

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