Costumes and Cons

Those who know me understand what a crazy obsessive I am. It’s kinda a given!

So a couple weeks ago at the 2011 Wondercon, I saw costumes, but really, wasn’t that impressed. What’s happened to the artform? Beyond a few Klingons and some Watchmen cast members…oh and this crazy awesome jawa that I’m still convinced was a little person and not a child, there wasn’t really anything awesome!

It lit a fire under me. Seriously, we cos-players must represent! The problem then becomes, what costume is awesome enough? The right balance between complexity and craftsmanship, recognition and accuracy. What to choose?

I always go with a bad guy, or rather, a bad guy who is either really a good guy who is misunderstood, or a bad guy you understand. I’ve kinda been lacking a choice this year, and seeing the dearth of showmanship… Not talking about you giant alien dude, you rock…I was just bummed. I mean, there haven’t been any insanely popular bad guys this year in either anime or film. I vaguely considered a throw back gettip, but what to choose?

Until one of my friends suggested looking up a video on YouTube that sparked a creeped out memory in me, from deep in childhood, long ago…

Go to YouTube and search for The Adventures of Mark Twain, Mysterious Stranger, and I’m pretty sure you’ll either remember it or be instantly fucked up. So naturally, it was the right costume pick.

It’s ambitious, requiring the combined knowledge of several previous costumes, as well as tons of research. If you’ve been wondering, where is Kristina, well I’ve been building, baking, sewing, painting. Obsessing. And I’m close to being finished, or rather the hardest parts are coming together in fazes. I worked my fingers raw stitching scales onto a skirt, working clay into weird shapes, burning myself with hot glue.

The Mysterious Stranger is alive!

I’ve thought about making videos to explain how each piece was made, and I think it’d be invaluable; I know it was for me! Thanks evangesews and dude making sintra Trojan armor! You rock!

Stay tuned for pics, vida, and instructions on my blog under category Cos-playing!!!

This year I’m hoping to make it to Fanime-con, and if I do, you’ll see me there in a headless armature!




3 comments on “Costumes and Cons

  1. Looks great so far! I’m already creeped out.

  2. That’s awesome!! I’ve been looking around the Internet for a costume or an actual armor or clothing piece of The Mysterious Stranger……This was the only one that I found.
    Good Job! Keep up the good work!!

    • Hey! I’m going to be posting a step by step tutorial for each piece with finished photos, just for you. I worked hard to make them durable, light weight, and realistic. This finished costume was SICK $ got a shit ton of recognition. So if you build it, you WILL get a ton of “oh my god you’re that guy from that freaky kids movie”. So step by step on each armor piece coming your way, all made with materials you can get anywhere.

      This will take you some time tho. Took me a solid 2 months of work, like it was my full time job.

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