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2011 San Francisco Writers Conference

This year, I tried something new…I volunteered!

My experience of the conference this year was amazing and somehow seemed to focus around technology, its impact on publishing, and on our experience as writers.  You would have supposed I worked for Apple or Microsoft, because it seemed like every conversation I had was as a technology consultant.  Being a geek, I stay up on the newest stuff, and it felt like every person of the previous generation that came my way seemed to want my opinion.  So I gave it!

From teachers using tech in the classroom, to elderly writers looking for ease of functionality, I ranted and raved and got people excited!

Because lets face it, technology isn’t scary.  The purpose of it is to provide multiple points of access for all peopple.  You can either look at a block of knives and think, “Wow, those are sharp tools i can use to cook!”, or you see a series of horrible mishaps waiting to happen, and sure, if you use the knives, you may occasionally cut yourself, but hey, think of how many times you didn’t starve!

Never be afraid of tech, because it’s supposed to feel easy, is built to increase ease, and is frankly, the way publishing is going!

I thoroughly enjoyed the keynote speaker this year, though I was sure I would not, being as “Rambo” was not one of my favorite characters.  I met a Kung Fu Master at the VIP party, who invited me to stay at his house, and I made connections with other writers that will last!  I also sold the first hard copy of my book, and signed my first autograph!


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