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For Those Who Long To Understand Geek-Do

If you are the significant other of someone you suspect might be a geek, pick up “I love geeks: the official handbook” by Carrie Tucker. It’s a pretty comprehensive guide to geek maintenance. I was impressed by it’s sleek, well-organized structure.

I would make a few changes however. Ms. Tucker seems to think that Geeks are of two categories, the typical anti-social, nerdy geek, or the “undercover” geek who dresses well and also has an encyclopedic knowledge of Middle Earth. I disagree. Perhaps at the time she was writing the book, Ms. Tucker had not yet encountered the “Geek Chic” class, though she does momentarily touch upon the emergence of the geek class as a dominant force for cultural change. The chic geeks are pretty/handsome, are funny and unabashedly geeky. This type is underrepresented.

She also seems to think that the categories do not overlap, that comic geeks are not necessarily going to speak the same language as sci-fi geeks, but this is not true. We’re like herbivores; we may be different species, some with antlers, some with horns, some with a propensity for cud-chewing, but we all eat the same grass. Although, if those Buffalo come over to my shady grass patch, we might have to throw down…

In spite of these several complaints, my review remains positive. Ms. Tucker even manages to mention subgenres of manga, gives excellent terminology glossaries, and even includes helpful lists of books, movies, and other materials that fit into each subgenre of geek interest.

Well done, and for the record, though I am a generalized geek, I am admitting here that I am an Otaku.

Gold-plated dog. (see Robot Chicken “Richie Rich’s ‘Cribs’” episode)

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